Retreat... for the ultimate nurture of health and wellbeing

Do you go on regular retreats? Or perhaps think about it but have never booked one? Maybe you’re a little unsure of what you could expect from a retreat?

Retreats can vary greatly terms of focus, location, duration, cost and quality. However, the common experience across all retreats is that they provide a safe space to just ‘be’… no hustle and bustle of daily life to invade thoughts, opportunity for time alone, nourishing food, plenty of sleep, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Whilst on retreat, there are some wonderful elements that you should expect:

Wholesome, nourishing food

Whether you are a fantastic cook or not, eat healthy all the time or not, being on retreat and experiencing the fruits of someone else’s healthy, nutritious cooking, is a complete joy to the tastebuds and your body!


We all know meditation is great for our mind and body, however in our fast-paced world we don’t always get the time to turn off our thoughts. Meditation is such a soothing practice, clearing your mind is energising in its own way and can provide you with clarity to reflect and recharge.

Self Reflection

Self reflection through journaling is a valuable self-care practice with many benefits. What a beautiful time to begin or perhaps recommence … whilst on retreat, where you have time to be still. Journaling may involve reflection on forgiveness, gratitude, thoughts, feelings and desires, all of which can be a powerful tool whilst on retreat.


A retreat will usually include some form of exercise such as yoga, pilates, walking, dance, stretch, swimming… and whilst we know that exercise is great for our mind and body, not everyone loves all types of exercise. Choosing a retreat that offers something physical that you will enjoy is important.


In a space where no one really knows you or your past, your dreams, your fears… you can just ‘be’ and what better place to be open to this than whilst on retreat… in a space that is safe, tranquil and supportive… the connections may last a life time or just for the duration of the retreat… but be assured each and every connection will have some impact on your life.

To come away feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and reconnected is the marker of a wonderful retreat, and indeed what Sunshine Coast locals Narelle Jones and Libby Mason aim for when facilitating their Pilates Wellness Retreats.

Libby Mason and Narelle Jones

Pilates Instructors

Retreat Facilitators

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