Most of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives.

Some of us are unlucky enough to have back pain as a constant companion.

The effects of chronic back pain can reach far beyond the physical symptoms, impacting us emotionally, mentally, financially and affecting our personal lives. Chronic back pain inevitably leads to a cycle of chronic pain which almost always impacts negatively on our mental state of well-being. We become frustrated with our back pain, and our inability to regain control over it or find someone who can help us. And we spend lots of money trying to find the answer.

What if there was a way to contribute to the management of your back pain?

Pilates could be the answer to your back pain!

As a dental practitioner, I struggled for most of my adult life with chronic back pain. Pilates enabled me to understand why I had back pain, and what to do to relieve and prevent it - it has become the key to managing my pain!

It is empowering to take back control of back pain, and the mind body connection aspect of Pilates helps enormously with the emotional and mental impact of back pain. AND it is far more economical to place our money into management and ongoing prevention, than paying someone else to put a temporary band aid on our back pain.

Fundamental to managing back pain is improving our core stability, which means strengthening the deep muscles that support the spine.

A properly qualified practitioner of The Pilates Method will understand HOW to teach you to strengthen your core. They will help you to not only understand your body and your pain, they will help you to manage and prevent further episodes of back pain. They will also work in conjunction with your physical therapists and doctors, to provide a team approach to managing your back pain.

If you'd like to know more, call us to discuss if Pilates might be the answer for your back pain.

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